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The CLSEPA Housing Program strives to safeguard decent and affordable housing by working with individual clients and their families to resolve specific housing problems. Our Housing Program also advocates with local and state agencies to protect homeowners both locally and state-wide.

If You Don’t Have a Lawyer, Forget It.”



Our staff counsels and represents tenants in order to:

  • Help tenants eliminate unsafe and unhealthy housing conditions.
  • Keep tenants in their homes by defending them against unlawful eviction.
  • Protect tenants against unlawful landlord behavior, like discrimination, retaliation & illegal utility termination.
  • Assist homeowners facing foreclosure (click here for more information about foreclosure assistance).

Education and empowerment are key elements of our housing project. We work with the local community to increase the capacity of individuals and groups to advocate on their own behalf. In those cases where a client lacks the capacity to represent him/herself, we attempt to secure outside counsel to represent the client on a pro bono basis.

When there is no clear legal solution to a problem, we will explore with the client alternatives to legal action, such as direct negotiation with the client’s landlord or referral to mediation and/or social service agencies.

Low Income Housing Options

Housing Investment Project (HIP)

Mid-Pen Housing

Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California

One Home

Financial Resources

Redwood City Fair Oaks Community Center

Community Planning Resources

Community Planning to Prevent Displacement and Promote Affordable Housing

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