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Donors, recipients gather for Palo Alto Weekly’s Holiday Fund receptionPDF
by Palo Alto Weekly Staff/ Palo Alto Weekly, April 25, 2017, Palo Alto Online

East Palo Altans prepare for possible deportationsPDF
by Sue Dremann, April 21, 2017, Palo Alto Online

County may add money for housing: Advocates push for more, annual sales tax expenditures could rise from $15M to $25MPDF
by Samantha Weigel, April 12, 2017, The Daily Journal

In Alameda County, a New Coalition Aims to Counter DeportationsPDF
by Bert Johnson, March 30, 2017, KQED

Unseen exploitation: More California landlords are threatening undocumented immigrants with eviction if they complain, say legal aid expertsPDF
by Scott Thomas Anderson, March 30, 2017, Sacramento News Review

FOIA Reveals Spotty Procedures in Immigration CourtsPDF
by Nicholas Iovino, March 29, 2017, Courthouse News Service

County to create legal defense fund for immigrants: Supervisors consider methods to support community in response to federal changesPDF
by Samantha Weigel, March 29, 2017, The Daily Journal

How Safe Are DACA Recipients?PDF
by Elena Shore, March 27, 2017, New America Media

Fate of DACA still uncertain despite immigration crackdownPDF
by Christina Oriel, March 24, 2017, Dateline USA

Know Your Rights: Nevadans Prepare for Immigration ChangesPDF
by Suzanne Potter, March 24, 2017, Public News Service

Opinion: Why California should boost legal aid fundingPDF
by Bob Wieckowski and Selena Copeland, March 23, 2016, The Mercury News

County kicks in $3.5M for immigrant supportPDF
by Kevin Forestieri, March 16, 2017, Palo Alto Online

Step by step: Attorney Daniel Saver battles for affordable housing in Bay AreaPDF
by Richard Scheinin, March 9, 2017, The Mercury News

Inside Immigration Court: Are Deportation Hearings In The Bay Area Unconstitutional?PDF

by Darwin BondGraham, March 7, 2017, East Bay Express

East Palo Alto seeks to strengthen immigrant protectionsPDF
by Sue Dremann, February 17, 2017, Palo Alto Online

Rumors of immigration raids reach ‘boiling point’PDF
by Mark Noack, February 17, 2017, Mountain View Voice

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Awards $3.6 Million to Tackle Housing CrisisPDF
by Donna Kimura, February 7, 2017, Affordable Housing Finance

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative pledges $3.1m to help solve San Francisco’s housing crisisPDF
by James Temperton, February 7, 2017, Wired

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative announces $50 million research programPDF
by Catharine Ho, February 7, 2017, The San Francisco Gate

Tech founder funds affordable housing nonprofit: Chan Zuckerberg Initiative offers $3.1M to East Palo Alto legal aid groupPDF
by Samantha Weigel, February 7, 2017, The Daily Journal

East Palo Alto nonprofit gets $3.1 million from Chan Zuckerberg InitiativePDF
by Sue Dremann, February 6, 2017, Palo Alto Online

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative gives $3.6 million to fight housing crisisPDF
by Richard Scheinin, February 6, 2017, The Mercury News

Menlo Park: City weighs actions on displacementPDF
by Kevin Kelly, January 12, 2017, The Mercury News

Menlo Park: Housing Commission to be revamped to take on displacement problemPDF
by Kate Bradshaw, January 11, 2017, The Almanac

Menlo Park: Affordable housing on council’s slate next weekPDF
by Kevin Kelly, January 5, 2017, The Mercury News

Holiday Fund: Getting justice and a safe homePDF
by Sue Dremann, January 1, 2017, Palo Alto Weekly

Court rules against payday lenders claiming to be part of tribesPDF
by Bob Egelko, December 22, 2016, SF Gate

Families get immigration advice, help: Community organizations give guidance to those fearing threat of deportationPDF
by Austin Walsh, December 21, 2016, The Daily Journal

Legal aid report: No-cause tenant eviction rate rises sharplyPDF
by Dave Boyce, December 15, 2016, The Almanac

Report: Families, minorities affected more by evictions: Nonprofit legal aid groups release countywide study examining impact of housing crunch on some of community’s most vulnerablePDF
by Samantha Weigel, December 15, 2016, The Daily Journal

County aims to protect residents from Trump administrationPDF
by Kevin Forestieri, December 12, 2016, The Mountain View Voice

Report: Evictions increase in Menlo Park, countyPDF
by Kevin Kelly, December 9, 2016, The Mercury News

North Fair Oaks renters facing eviction as developer plans building upgradePDF
by Siqi Lin, December 7, 2016, Peninsula Press

Facebook Pledges $20 Million for Affordable Housing in Bay AreaPDF
by Megan O’Neil, December 2, 2016, The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Facebook commits $20 million to fund affordable housing, job training in Silicon ValleyPDF
by Roland Li, December 2, 2016, San Francisco Business Times

Affordable housing projects in South Bay awarded $20M from Facebook in new partnershipPDF
by Nuala Sawyer, December 2, 2016, San Francisco Examiner

Facebook Forms Partnership to Create Affordable Housing in Silicon ValleyPDF
by David Cohen, December 2, 2016, Social Times

Facebook invests $20M to catalyze affordable housing development in Menlo ParkPDF
by John Mannes, December 2, 2016, TechCrunch

Facebook makes donation to East Palo Alto affordable housingPDF
by Bryce Druzin, December 2, 2016, San Jose Business Journal Online

Facebook commits $20 million for affordable housing, other assistance,PDF
by Queenie Wong, December 2, 2016, The Mercury News

Menlo Park council could act on general plan changesPDF
by Kate Bradshaw, November 28, 2016, The Almanac

East Palo Alto residents to get 30-day notice in red-tag evictionsPDF
by Sue Dremann, November 19, 2016, Palo Alto Weekly

Menlo Park: Landlords may be forced to offer leases of at least one yearPDF
by Kevin Kelly, November 17, 2016, The Mercury News

PayPal Chief Legal Officer: You’re Not Too Busy for Pro BonoPDF
by David Ruiz, November 3,2016, Corporate Council

How big is resident displacement problem in Menlo Park?PDF
by Kate Bradshaw, November 3, 2016, The Almanac

Questions and answers on rent control measures: Voters in San Mateo, Burlingame weigh complicated initiativesPDF
by Samantha Weigel, October 29, 2016, The Daily Journal

Big money spent on the rent control campaigns: More than $1M raised for San Mateo, Burlingame measuresPDF
by Samantha Weigel, October 29, 2016, The Daily Journal

Nun plans housing protest: With building’s sale, 48 families face evictionPDF
by Bill Silverfarb, October 21, 2016, The Daily Journal

Redwood City tenants to protest evictions at to-be-renovated apartment complex, PDF
by Bryce Druzin, October 20, 2016, Silicon Valley Business Journal

Hundreds beseech East Palo Alto council to end evictionsPDF
by Sue Dremann, October 19, 2016, The Almanac

Silicon Valley County Pushing $17 Living Wage, PDF
by Joyce E. Cutler, October 18, 2016, Bloomberg BNA

City split over rent control: Opposing factions continue debate as Burlingame’s Measure R heads to ballot, PDF
by Austin Walsh, October 4, 2016, The Daily Journal

The divide of Measure Q: San Mateo’s rent control tenant protection initiative draws debatePDF
by Samantha Weigel, October 1, 2016, The Daily Journal

Low-income families face evictions as building ‘rebrands’ for Facebook workersPDF
by Sam Levin, September 21, 2016, The Guardian

Menlo Park: Facebook gives $250K to nonprofits, PDF
by Kate Bradshaw, September 8, 2016, The Almanac

New group slams Menlo Park’s General Plan update, PDF
By Kevin Kelly, August 3, 2016, The Mercury News

Burlingame rent control to November ballot: Council unanimously approves measure, PDF
By Austin  Walsh, August 2, 2016, The San Mateo Daily Journal

Rent control heads to council: Burlingame, San Mateo officials to vote on placing initiatives on fall ballot, PDF
By Austin  Walsh, July 30, 2016, The San Mateo Daily Journal

Menlo Park: Council approves terms of development agreement for Facebook expansion project, PDF
By Kate Bradshaw, July 20, 2016, The Almanac

East Palo Alto activists say Menlo Park omitted key letter from Facebook expansion study, PDF
By Kate Bradshaw, July 7, 2016, The Almanac

Menlo Park: City, report blasted by coalition, East Palo Alto, PDF
By Kevin Kelly, July 7, 2016, The Mercury News

11k sign for rent control in San Mateo: Tenant advocates claim support for November ballot initiative, PDF
By Samantha Weigel, June 28, 2016, The San Mateo Daily Journal

Signatures submitted for San Mateo rent control initiative, but is it in time for November ballot?, PDF
By Bryce Druzin, June 27, 2016, The Silicon Valley Business Journal

Here’s what Facebook’s next Gehry-designed Menlo Park expansion could look like (RENDERINGS), PDF
By Nathan Donato-Weinstein, June 22, 2016, The Silicon Valley Business Journal

A day in the life of an “Attorney of the Day”PDF
By Lezzak Shallat, June 20, 2016, KALW Public Radio

In Silicon Valley Suburbs, Calls to Limit the Soaring Rents, PDF
By Conor Dougherty, June 11, 2016, The New York Times

San Mateo likey to adopt $15 per hour minimum wage, PDF
By Brendan Bartholomew, June 9, 2016, The San Francisco Examiner

Report: Wage theft is widespread in county, PDF
By Bill Silverfarb, June 1, 2016, San Mateo Daily Journal

Menlo Park: Attorneys call for city action on housing crisis, PDF
By Kate Bradshaw, April 21, 2016, The Almanac

Menlo Park: Nonprofits double down on affordable housing, PDF
By Kevin Kelly, April 14, 2016, San Jose Mercury News

Council: No rent control: San Mateo stalls on tenant protections; to continue discussion, PDF
By Samantha Weigel, April 5, 2016, The San Mateo Daily Journal

Rent meeting to draw crowd: San Mateo City Council to discuss measures addressing affordability crisis, PDF
By Samantha Weigel, April 2, 2016, The San Mateo Daily Journal

Potential ballot measure seeks rental protections, PDF
By Austin  Walsh, April 1, 2016, The San Mateo Daily Journal

Hot Housing Markets Pinch Seniors: Decline in homeownership among older people leaves them susceptible to rent increases, PDF
By Jennifer Levitz and Laura Kusisto, March 31, 2016, The Wall Street Journal

Burlingame group targets rent-control measure for November ballot, PDF
By Nathan Donato-Weinstein, March 31, 2016, The Silicon Valley Business Journal

Lawsuit alleges landlord retaliation: School teacher says she was threatened with eviction after speaking to media, PDF
By Bill Silverfarb, February 22, 2016, The San Mateo Daily Journal

Immigration Rocket Docket Rules Sought, PDF
By Nicholas Iovino, February 3, 2016, Courthouse News Service

Redwood City Renters, Officials Face Off as Housing Crisis Intensifies, PDF
By Farida Jhabvala Romero, December 21, 2015, KQED News

Rent protection discussions making waves in Pacifica, PDF
By Brendan P. Bartholomew, December 20, 2015, The San Francisco Examiner

Tenants get holiday reprieve: Displaced Burlingame Hotel residents offered payment and free rent, PDF
By Austin Walsh, December 12, 2015, The San Mateo Daily Journal

County bans mobile home park closures and conversions, PDF
By Bill Silverfarb, November 18, 2015, The San Mateo Daily Journal

City moves toward $15 minimum wage hike: San Mateo council discusses high cost of living, balancing business concerns, PDF
By Samantha Weigel, November 18, 2015, The San Mateo Daily Journal

High rents push aside Coastsiders: Some call for rent control, PDF
By Carina Woudenberg, October 16, 2015, The Half Moon Bay Review

How a Sarah Silverman skit played a role in Menlo Park’s ban on payday lenders, PDF
By Kate Bradshaw, October 14, 2015, The Almanac

Residents to fight eviction: Apartment building sold, new owners plan big renovation, PDF
By Bill Silverfarb, October 6, 2015, The San Mateo Daily Journal

Building sold, tenant leases terminated: Rents go up as soon as Burlingame property changes hands, PDF
By Bill Silverfarb, September 22, 2015, The San Mateo Daily Journal

City stalls on renter protection: San Mateo council to wait for stakeholder input on affordable housing crisis, PDF
By Samantha Weigel, September 10, 2015, The San Mateo Daily Journal

Kids come to nanny’s rescue: Children sell cookies, lemonade to raise money for evicted caretaker, PDF
By Bill Silverfarb, August 25, 2015, The San Mateo Daily Journal

Evicted tenants find relief: Landlord agrees to pay relocation costs for tenants at 910 Clinton St. in Redwood City, PDF
By Bill Silverfarb, August 14, 2015, The San Mateo Daily Journal

Housing crisis runs on: San Mateo complex sold, new owners evict every tenant, PDF
By Bill Silverfarb, July 27, 2015, The San Mateo Daily Journal

Salesforce Legal and Latinoforce team up again to help Immigrant Children in Court, PDF
By Shanti Ariker, July 1, 2015, SalesForce Foundation

Evicted tenants to stay put: Teen takes up fight to help family, friends find housing, PDF
By Bill Silverfarb, June 30, 2015, The San Mateo Daily Journal

Evicted Redwood City tenants hope to stay in homes, PDF
By Brendan P. Bartholomew, June 17, 2015, San Francisco Examiner

Measure limits city’s power on rents: Tenants at one Burlingame apartment building seek assistance, PDF
By Steve Mayer, June 15, 2015, The San Mateo Daily Journal

ICE ‘ramping up’ detention center in Bakersfield, PDF
By Steve Mayer, April 23, 2015, The Bakersfield Californian

Salesforce Legal Helps Youth Find the American Dream through Pro Bono Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, PDF
By Megan McCollum and Shreya Vora, April 6, 2015,  Salesforce Foundation

Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto’s Ilyce Shugall – Women of Influence, PDF
By Gloria Wang Shawber, April 3, 2015,  Silicon Valley Business Journal

New Facebook, Apple, Google Campuses Expected To Exacerbate Silicon Valley’s Housing Crisis, PDF
By Salvador Rodriguez, April 3, 2015, International Business Times

ICE opens 400-bed immigrant detention center near Bakersfield, PDF
By Kate Linthicum, March 24, 2015, Los Angeles Times

Coming out as undocumented, PDF
By AJ+, March 23, 2015,  Al Jazeera Media Network

San Mateo County rent stabilization held up after board decision, PDF
By Gina Hall, March 18, 2015,  Silicon Valley Business Journal

Understanding The Crisis In Our Immigration Courts, PDF
By Kathleen Guthrie Woods, Spring 2015, The Bar Association of San Francisco

Peninsula activists push county leaders for rent control, PDF
By Roland Li, February 26, 2015, San Francisco Business Times

Rally shines light on high rent: Advocates say seniors, disabled and working poor being priced out, PDF
By Bill Silverfarb, February 13, 2015, The SM Daily Journal

Rev. Jess Jackson to East Palo Alto: Fight gentrification
By Sue Dremann, January 27, 2015, Palo Alto Weekly

Silicon Valley 40 Under 40: Jason Tarricone
By Lynn Peithman Stock, December 12, 2014,  Silicon Valley Business Journal

Four in Bay Area Land Skadden Fellowship
By Patience Haggin, December 11, 2014,  The Recorder

Immigrants represented by attorneys far more likely to win deportation cases, Stanford law clinic study finds
By Terry Nagel, November 6, 2014,  Stanford News

Mortgage broker who scammed East Palo Alto Residents goes to prison
By Sue Dremann, October 21, 2014,  Palo Alto Weekly

Gentrification in East Palo Alto: How and Why Should We Act
By Neil Chaudhary, October 9, 2014, The Stanford Daily

South San Francisco looks to limited payday loaning: City wants to protect against ‘predatory lending’
By Angela Swartz, September 23, 2014, The SM Daily Journal

East Palo Alto renter fight boils over in new Equity Residential class action lawsuit
By Lauren Hepler, September 12, 2014, Silicon Valley Business Journal

San Francisco immigration court a window into Children’s Crisis
By Susan Sward, September 7, 2014, Sacramento Bee

Tenants file class-action lawsuit against East Palo Alto’s largest landlord
By Sue Dremann, September 4, 2014, Palo Alto Online

An “Alien Invasion”
By Aimee Trujillo, August 13, 2014, Stanford Daily

Border cases jump to the head of the line in San Francisco immigration court
By Stephen Magagnini and Phillip Reese, August 6, 2014, Sacramento Bee

County to create host-family program for unaccompanied immigrants: Board of Supervisors votes 4 to 1 to house up to 50 children
By Elena Kadvany, August 6, 2014, Palo Alto Weekly

Children, families fleeing Central America find refuge in the Bay Area
By Matt O’Brien, August 3, 2014, San Jose Mercury News

Local non-profit aids in Central American immigrant crisis: Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto is helping children who seek to stay in U.S. with relatives
By Elena Kadvany, August 1, 2014, Palo Alto Weekly

City may regulate payday lenders: San Mateo city officials looking at land use, promote educational outreach
By Samantha Weigel, July 16, 2014, The Daily Journal: The Peninsula’s Homepage

Landlord in Gentrifying Silicon Valley Neighborhood Tried to Evict Rent-Controlled Tenant Over 75-Cent Debt
By Ben Mathis-Lilley, June 9 , 2014, Slate

Tenants’ rights group demands East Palo Alto records: Statewide organization wants documents related to Rent Stabilization Program audit
By Sue Dremann, May 9, 2014, Palo Alto Weekly

East Palo Alto officially approves tenants’ rights ordinance: Expanded protections for renters will go into effect in 30 days
By Sue Dremann, May 8, 2014, Palo Alto Weekly

East Palo Alto tenants sue the nation’s largest landlord
By Henrietta Burroughs, April 30, 2014, East Palo Alto Today

East Palo Alto family sues landlord Equity Residential over housing conditions
By Bonnie Eslinger, April 30, 2014, San Jose Mercury News

Tenants sue East Palo Alto’s biggest landlord: Lawsuit claims Equity Residential failed to correct dozens of problems
By Sue Dremann, April 30, 2014, Palo Alto Weekly

In Silicon Valley, a New Investment: Eviction
By John Gittelsohn and Heather Perlberg, April 7, 2014, Bloomberg Businessweek

New law makes it tougher to take advantage of East Palo Alto tenants
By Bonnie Eslinger, April 2, 2014, San Jose Mercury News

East Palo Alto unanimously backs new tenant-protection ordinance: Equity Residential and Community Legal Services come to agreement, revised language
By Elena Kadvany, April 2, 2014, Palo Alto Weekly

East Palo Alto Council to consider ordinance that strengthens tenants rights
By Bonnie Eslinger, March 31, 2014, San Jose Mercury News

East Palo Alto to discuss new tenant protections: Proposed ordinance pits residential firm giant Equity Residential against non profit Community Legal Services
By Elena Kadvany, March 31, 2014, Palo Alto Weekly

East Palo Alto Rent Board slams audit: Rent program administrator’s resignation reveals conflict
By Sue Dremann, March 27, 2014, Palo Alto Weekly

Low-income housing advocates in East Palo Alto see threat to affordability
By Marianne LeVine, March 11, 2014, Peninsula Press

U.S. Immigration reform legislation could become reality in 2014
By John Irwin, January 15, 2014, Central Michigan Life

Foreclosure Rescue Scams Still Common, Warn Housing Counselors
By Anna Challet, Aug 22, 2013, New America Media.

Hanging in the balance
by Elena Kadvany, June 21, 2013, Palo Alto Weekly

Legal action is deferred, but dreams are not
By Sara Hayden, December 16, 2012, Half Moon Bay Review

Deportation relief spurring young immigrants to graduate or return to school
By Matt O’Brien and Theresa Harrington, September 4, 2012, Contra Costa Times

Viewpoint: Admitting the Undocumented to the Bar
By Ilyce Shugall and Francisco Ugarte, July 27, 2012, The Recorder

For young undocumented there is hope, uncertainty
By Sara Hayden, July 19, 2012, Half Moon Bay Review

San Mateo County admits mistakenly reporting arrested minors to ICE agents
By Bonnie Eslinger, July 13, 2012, San Jose Mercury News

Securing their futures
by Sue Dremann, May 11, 2012, Palo Alto Weekly



Protections for homeowners and tenants in foreclosure or who have gone through foreclosure
By Chuck Finney, February 5, 2014, KALW, Local Public Radio, San Francisco

The Affordable Care Act/Medi-Cal Coverage — immigration issues.
By Chuck Finney. December 11, 2013, KALW, Local Public Radio, San Francisco

Helping undocumented students in their pursuit of educations and careers
By Chuck Finney, April 3, 2013, KALW, Local Public Radio, San Francisco

The basics of home foreclosures
By Chuck Finney. October 25, 2012, KALW, Local Public Radio, San Francisco



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Video: Jóvenes piden alto a las deportaciones en East Palo Alto


Boyd v. Carter
227 Cal. App. 4th Supp. 1, (Cal. App. Dep’t Super. Ct. 2014), as modified (July 2, 2014)

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